1. Walking Forever (death metal/metal) - first time programming drums

2. Dragged Underwater (instrumental) (death metal)

3. Dragged Underwater (w/vocals) (death metal)


Song: Perish With The Sun (black/death metal)

1. Perish With The Sun (pre-mastering)

2. Perish With The Sun (instrumental) (mid-mastering)

3. Perish With The Sun (single vocal track) (mastered 4APR08)

4. Perish With The Sung (layered vocal track) (mastered 4APR08 - best recording so far)


NEW!  Song: "Battle at Sea"

1. Battle at Sea, draft version 1 (19DEC08)


Foodsack and Jonah the Whale

1.  What is best in life?  (6 November 2007 - dissonant metal)


Fatperson and the Foodsack

1. Drowning in Doughnuts (doom metal)

2. FUPA (humorous/offensive)

3. English Skills Not Required   (humorous/creepy/offensive)


Boys With Down Syndrome (all humorous)

1. The Wizard Stole Heavy Metal (power metal/very epic)

2. Herman the Elf (thrash metal/hardcore)

3. Live Maggots in My Arm (doom metal)

4. Orchids of the Last Century (hardcore...very bad hardcore)

5. Metal Killed the Dinosaurs (power metal/very epic)


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