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By using technology nowadays there are lots of thing before that impossible to do, but today by help of technology it can be done easily and fast. One of that is the online casino and free spins. Ten years has passed by when the first online casino was opened, but today there are lots of casinos that can be found online. Recently estimates suggest that a figure or around seven milling worldwide will not be too far out. Taking that into an account, and they spent more than 12 billion in an online casinos alone, and it is not including the land-based casinos. Offering a free casino chips and free spins may reasonably be seen as something that make lots account to be open. Giving free chips are being offered by an honest online casinos, in an area that worth some study or a serious research.  First of all, we need to consider what these free casino chips are really worth it to every online casino player, and there are main types of free casino chips.

One of the types of free casino chips is the No Deposit Bonus; this will be purely free money. Most of the honest online casinos will offer a free casino chips or free spins with no string attached, the reason for that is simply to attract people to play at their virtual tables, and also sometimes honest online casino will do strings attached, just like the casino may ask you for a credit card details, just make sure that you will read terms. The other types of free casino chips is the Matching Deposit Bonus, it means that the house will match your deposit, this is regularly happen in multiples, one of the example of this is if you were to deposit S100, then the casino will add S200 in your free casino chips in your account, this is useful or preferable for a new players starting out. The third types of free casino chips is the Uncashable Bonus, there will be no chance that you bonus or sticky bonus will become cashed, but its worth lies in that fact that it will stay to your account, and you can only use the bonus account to control higher wagers. In your account, the free casino chips stay hidden in order to allow you to do things which you otherwise could not. The fourth types of free casino chips is Loyalty Bonus, all the honest online casino and the offline casino will to maintain or to keep hold to all of their good returning clients or customers, and the best to offer to a customers is the loyalty bonuses, it will gain more customers to have for the future. And also it is including free casino chips, as a result.